How to gain control over your free time?


How to manage efficiently your free time to find the balance between work, family, kids, housework and personal life? Not so easy to so as it souns! It often requires juggler skills from our part to make it work!

 There are 168 hours in each week. How do we find time for what matters most? In her TED speach Time management expert Laura Vanderkam studies how busy people spend their lives, and she’s discovered that many of us drastically overestimate our commitments each week, while underestimating the time we have to ourselves. She offers a few practical strategies and tips to help find more time for what matters to us, so we can “build the lives we want in the time we’ve got.”

I advise this instructive and at the same time entertaining video to all those who feel concerned by this topic and find it difficult to manage their time.