How to raise successful kids without over parenting?

Mother and young son with heads together smiling.

As parents we always ask ourselves many questions, we have many doubts and dilemmas concerning the best education to provide to our children. We must be there for them to love them, to take care of them, to support them without overparenting them, to motivate and empower them, to give them a certain autonomy, to learn them responsability, to push them to study and to succeed in life… but to what extent shall we get involved?

Being a parent is a complex task: some people rely on their instincts, others follow the advice of their freinds and surroundings, some othersread all books and articles on the topic….the question remains: how to become good parents and do well?

In this inspiring, informative video with a touch of humor presented by Julie Lythcott  you will find several good tips and you will have to think about parenting and education. Discover this wonderful video,you will not regret it!

“By loading kids with high expectations and micromanaging their lives at every turn, parents aren’t actually helping. At least, that’s how Julie Lythcott-Haims sees it. With passion and wry humor, the former Dean of Freshmen at Stanford makes the case for parents to stop defining their children’s success via grades and test scores. Instead, she says, they should focus on providing the oldest idea of all: unconditional love.”