Being an expat in a new country isn’t always as easy as it sounds!


Many people envy expats for „living so well” (at least financially) in the host country, they only see the advantages of it but they have no clue about the disadvantages, they just don’t know what it is like!

Living abroad can be very exciting but can also cause anxiety, stress and homesickness.

Separation from family and friends is most frequently cited as the hardest part of living in another country.

Expatriates, such as students, international employees, diplomats may find relocating to a foreign country a daunting experience. Culture shock and acclimatizing oneself to a new culture, prior expectations, unforeseen circumstances, career anxiety and uncertainty, may prove more of a challenge than originally expected.

Suddenly, regular tasks present challenges & become complicated and difficult to perform. Endeavouring to cope with new cultural obstacles, language barriers, new mentality and way of life, foreign educational systems can feel overwhelming.  This can cause a strain on relationships and you may develop feelings of isolation upon realizing your usual support networks are thousands of miles away.

Expats usually experience a mix of joys and difficulties when making an international move and settling in a foreign country.

In case of expat families, the breadwinner is often the husband who has to face a lot of new challenges: he has to adapt fast to his new working environment, cope with new responsabilities, fulfill a huge amount of work, get to know his coworkers and be able to work with them as a team. As the family’s head, he has the pressure on him to perform and achieve constantly better results at his workplace to ensure the financial security and well-being of his family. After a while, this may lead to burnout and stress management problems.


This challenge can be even more difficult for the accompanying spouse who finds herself relocated to a country where she is not able to work.  For some, not being able to work as an expatriate in the new country can feel like grieving the loss of a sense of identity – especially for those who have spent many years on training, education and climbing the ladder to attain their personal and professional goals. Expats’ wives are often let alone to deal with their children and their education, housing, housework and daily issues.

This can sometimes lead to feelings of low self-esteem, boredom, loneliness, marriage conflict and depression.

Many expat spouses report feeling that everyone seems to have it all together except them. So there is a value placed on appearing to be strong, self-reliant, and a super mom (or dad) in the expat community but it does not mean that iit is an easy, joyful and self-fulfilling experience for everyone.

If you are struggling with adjustement problems (work, school friends) or if you feel isolated and overwhelmed by personal difficulties or you don’t know how to handle cultural challenges, don’t hesitate to ask for help, because there is nothing to be ashamed of.  You are not alone with your problem!

As a solution oriented coach and resource focused counselor can help you discover your hidden strenghts and resources and learn new coping skillsand strategies to overcome obstacles while living in a foreign country. During the process, you will be able to set new goals for yourself step by step.

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