Children tantrums in the supermarket? Painful isn’t it? What shall we do ?

kis tantrum2

What to do or not to do when our child is having a bad tantrum in the middle of the supermarket because we refused to buy something he wanted or we jjust said no to something? How to manage and overcome this embarrassing situation which repeats itself again and again when we do our best tod o our shopping?

The following two funny videos perfectly illustrate the awkward, stressful situation in which we can get unvwillingly involved as parents.

Shall we try to argue with our child? Or give him reasonable and logical explanations? Or shall we just discipline and punish him? Shall we reprimand him or yell at him? Or shall we just give him a huge slap in the face? Or ignore the whole thing and do as if nothing happened? Or shall we simply buy him without a word anything he wants? Or shall we promise ourselves not to take him anymore again with us during our shopping spree?

I think humor, surprise and creativity work the best with kids and can be very efficient and power tools in our hands.

This is a complexe topic that raises many questions related to  child-rearing and parenting but they can be all answered and adequate solutions can be found. We just have to be creative and give up our unsuccessful attempted solutions, imprinted patterns and bad habits.

That sounds great, buti t isn’t that easy tod o and put into practice!

Here is the example of a dad who is completely helpless, stressed, overwhelmed and paralyzed by the tantrum of his son:

Here is the example of a smart mother who thanks to her sense of humor and inventiveness remained zen and cool, and handled perfectly the tantrum of her son:

If you deal with regular tantrums or if you face problems with your child, don’t hesitate to ask for help!